Jan 1, 2017

⚠ ATTENTION ⚠ - IF YOU'RE GETTING BUDS LIKE THIS, YOU ARE GETTING BUD THAT'S FULL OF CHEMICALS - SPECIALLY "PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS" OR "PLANT GROWTH RETARDANT" - #PGR : Plant growth regulators, more aptly named “plant growth retardants,” are commercially available in a variety of brand names, and the most common active ingredients are: ancymidol, chlormequat chloride, daminozide, ethephon, flurprimidol, paclobutrazol and uniconazole. Ancymidol, flurprimidol, paclobutrazol and uniconazole are all structurally similar and suppress gibberellin, a natural growth hormone that lengthens cells in the stem. - THIS ENDS UP BEING MADE INTO CONCENTRATES AND EXTRACTS, WHICH MAKES THE END RESULT MORE CHEMICALLY DAMAGING THAN HEALING. #KNOWYOURWEED #DONTUSEPGRs #PleaseRepost

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