Oct 11, 2016

repost from @cchi2018 #Repost @gr8tfulgardens ・・・ Please stand up for this plant, it desperately needs us to fight. She has given us all in this community so very much and it's time we gave back to her. This entire movement and all the sacrifices made by the pioneers will be for nothing once corporate intrest are in control. These propositions are made to look appealing and protect everybody's existing rights to boost support. The fact is they have the power and will use it to amend and mold the law to favor the corporate money and strangle out all competition(medical, boutique, mom and pops) we're all like trees standing tall and proud after surviving for decades. These #legalies are designed to take those trees down, it might be quick with a chainsaw like Washington or just a few hacks with an axe like colorado and Oregon but those trees are all coming down unless we fight. #Homedepot with 90 billion dollars just came into our industry and ran an add during the super bowl for #blackmagic. Scott's miracle grow has bought #generalhydroponics , #botanicare, #vermicrop and #gavita. Scott's sales Monsantos round up for them... hmmm This is our future, the writing is on the wall. The amount of pull and lobbyists that can be bought by these massive corporate powers is unstoppable. With 1/3 of the country having some form of mmj initiative on ballots and half the country being medical it's crucial we wake up and destroy these #trojanhorses

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