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Aug 30, 2015

The ex

Normally, I would think it would be hilarious to have Nightmares about your ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, ex-whatever-fits-your-situation, but in all honesty, my Nightmares about my ex-girlfriend have been so vivid and damaging.
Each one is fairly the same. I'm in this city 🌆 that is nothing either night-time and raining, or is strictly surrounded by dark mist.
Every place I wake up in (each time I have dreamt this same dream) is either a hospital looking Pavilion or I'm randomly in the middle of a Coalition group trying to escape the city.
Somewhere, every time, about almost towards when I find out where I'm going in this dream world, I see her- my ex is standing there as if she was pretending to hardly recognize me.
Sometimes she's in a doctor's outfit and lab coat, sometimes she's just how she normally would dress, but each time this dream ends - it always ends with some futuristic city and a group of people trying to get out despite what the laws of the city say.

So that's been a total of 4 nights I've had this dream that connected onto one another.

I'm not sure how it relates to my ex-girlfriend in anyway other than the vibes of my dreams were off.

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