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Apr 7, 2015


What do you see when you look at me? Who do you see when you see me? The angst and pain deformed my own self image.  I'm sorting through Polaroids to find my self esteem.  I'm beginning to fall apart at the seams and the spindle of thread keeps me in my dreams.  Pain and inequality - we are not the same, my fight is for the entire human race, I couldn't care about the color of the skin or the look of your face. All these Demons around me, give me space (give me space), I need a light, where's the ace? (Where's the ace?), give me Holy Water (Holy Water), in case I fall from grace (fall from grace).

  Where do you see yourself at when you stop breathing? Imagine the life of a man who had been deceived, since the first time he stepped on campus and was told to "leave".. That's when I dropped the books and never went back, that was that.

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