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Mar 24, 2015

"This is Zulu Love"

There's no real catchy way for me to introduce my blog posts, and if you haven't caught already - I tend to use references and quotes for my titles to give people an idea of what vibe I'm going through.

Lately, I've been doing better on handling my life.  It goes in waves. I have good luck some times and bad luck other situations. I'm starting to realize how much of my life is in my control and how much of it is the way I react to what situations I'm thrown.

On to good news; I've been meeting new people in my life that I never thought I'd have help from. There's also been rekindled friendships and bonds restored. 
But overall, there's one thing that's been different lately, and it's been the kindness and general affection I've been getting from someone I've never expected, but always wanted to be with.

I guess things are going better and looking up. I just have to be positive.

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