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Mar 8, 2015

Evil Brain, Angel Heart

Circa 2004 - I broke a Sonic The Hedgehog game that belonged to a classmate of mine.
Little did I ever think that later I would be Best Friends/Family Friend of hers and her husband..
Why did I break the game?  Honestly, I can't even tell you why.. I still don't understand myself.. I could only think that at that time I was going through something emotional..
But, little did I realize how much that game meant to said person..
Of course, this was literally 14 years ago, but today was the day I broke down and made closure about the broken game.

One of my best friends was talking with me about how much she loved Video Games, but her video games for the Genesis disappeared - one being the Sonic The Hedgehog game that I broke... So, all in all, I confessed to having broke it.. I couldn't let her go without knowing what happened to her game, especially after hearing how much it meant to her.

She was taken back by what I had told her. I was the last person she would've expected to do it... Which made me really look and see how my actions can hurt someone without having any regard to anyone else's feelings..

My plans originally were to buy her a new copy of the video game, and then tell her what happened 14 years ago,  but, I felt wrong, as it almost was like fate that I talked about this right here and now.  After a long, emotional discussion and bond, I was forgiven. Though, I plan on buying her the newly re-released Genesis console - Sonic the Hedgehog game pack. She's happy about that :) and it makes me feel better to be able to replace what I fucked up.

This was a lesson I learned was, things come back around, be mindful of what you do, because in the end, the person you think is your enemy may later on be your best friend. And most of all, Treat people with kindness among all other things

Perhaps 'God' really does work in mysterious ways to try and help bring people to understanding. I am definitely not the same as I was when I was younger.  I may have similarities, but I am vastly different.  My perspective and perception of life has changed so much.  I see life and love, rather than hate and anguish.  Karma isn't a bad thing, it is a force of equality and learning.

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