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Mar 3, 2015

"I don't practice Santeria"

Where to begin, where to begin.
So, through all the agony and what seems like despairity - I've found a light of hope.
Taking the bus to places really isn't that bad.. The time seems to pass by quicker than when I rely on myself.  Another interesting thing is the people and characters you come across on the bus.

Many people on the bus take it without much choice, as they're either disabled in some way or they are down on their last few bills.

I met this one man who seemed to have recently gone through a horrendous end to a romantic relationship. He told me how he felt "blind" in his relationship to what she was doing behind his back. He vented himself to me, not in a crying, sorrow-some way, but rather like he was seeing the environment around him for the first time.

One of the topics I talked about with him was 'society' and how technology was impairing the growth of people socially, compared to the 70's.

I'll never forget what he said, it was "my worst Nightmares have come true; people walk around like this," as he made the gestures of someone putting in their earphones, "and like this," making the gesture of someone tapping on their smart phone, "people aren't talking to one another anymore, they aren't looking around and sitting in the environment around them, instead they're looking here, and doing this." making a last gesture.

I never felt like I've understood someone so much when he said that. It was everything I felt about society and the sad part is he was twice my age. In case you aren't following, it's sad because I don't have faith in society with this much technology at me being this young..

But hey, the best part of the conversation was being able to assimilate to someone else and most importantly, I'm happy to have been there for him to vent to.

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