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Feb 9, 2015

Lost - Reprise

There's a hole where something once was.
Everyone's been telling me the same thing lately. Maybe it's time I listened to what people were saying. My mind is so lost. It feels like I'm being pulled from all sides - one problem here, one problem there, another issue over here. Like things are falling apart. Maybe this is supposed to happen.. But I've never been any believer of Fate.

Lately, there's been people trying to mess with me from my old company. I want to just be left alone by them. It's a touchy subject especially with the way my boss had said things about me.. Accusations that were false.
Some people can never get enough displeasure out of someone else. What irritates me is how much they've escalated in using the accounts I made for them. If I quit the Marijuana Industry, it's because of selfish people.
I'm so lost on what I want in life.

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