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Jan 30, 2015

Hello Walls. Part Deux

It's happened again..
My school didn't even certify me on time for the Veteran's Aid this month.
This isn't fair, the other schools I never had this issue. Why can't Washington get it together? It seems like there's no place I can go to get any justice on issues like.  Now I'm stuck with bills I have to pay on the 1st, possibly getting my driver's license suspended because the payment wasn't on time (despite me calling them and telling them) - this isn't fair.
If I could erase my problems with a gun, I would. But it's not worth the pain.

This is pain.
I'm stuck without being able to buy my own supplies all because of a few Veteran's Aid work studies didn't get things turned in.

This is why I hate life. People are so inconsiderate.

I'm tired of working for free.

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