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Jan 7, 2015

Dark Times and High Rises

It's 2015, I'm not sure whether or not to feel happy that I'm alive or to worry about the well-being of others.  Things are so pent up, I've not had a place to talk about my stress'. That on top of being off of my Benzos, things have been hard. I'm worried about my life like never before. I'm consistently worried about the lack of help I've been to my mother..
It doesn't make me feel any better that I haven't been much of a financial help to her either.
How does one cope with this overwhelming amount of stress trying to help save everyone?

My panic attacks have been worse than before. I start obsessing about me having Tinnitus and thinking about the sound of the ringing, and I worry that I would go insane from it.. But that's me worrying..
I just want to be normal..
Please Lord, please hear my cries, I may not have been your best child, but I am one of them. Please, take my pain and suffering away from my life so I may live happily ever after.
Everything I've been doing lately has been out of my love for my family, I don't want there to ever be any question about my purpose for things I do.  Despite my own gains, I am in this life to aid others. 

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