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Jan 30, 2015

American Horror Story - US Edition

America, sweet America, you're falling apart so beautifully.. Like a shotgun shell to the face.. Oh how I love the games we play of "Who's the leader" and "Who's country should we invade next?"
What happened Lady America, your statue is all stained? You seem like you're having a hard time staying with us..

The United States of America is Dead. That's why. Welcome to Communism.  The aged land where everyone tells you 'go to college, you'll get a better job' - but it's really a lie. One of the biggest lies ever told. All College is, is an institution that takes thousands among thousands of your dollars in exchange for them to say,  "well Ethel, looks like this young pupil deserves that paper now" - after you can barely pay for your own utilities.

This is why Americans are violent - YOU constrict us and manipulate the freedom of another's success - this is the basis of America, which is the basis of why people get in this country can't handle one another. Why we feel the need to kill - it's all because one person up at the very top doesn't want to 'play ball' anymore.

You know what happens to someone when you put them in a society where they feel like even the straight-edged people are the enemy? You start to wonder who is going to deliver the proper legal justice, and then, you realize something - there's no fucking legal justice against other legal branches - it's called "a circle jerk" and you're the target.

I refuse to be a target. Which is why I scare people.

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