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Dec 27, 2014


"I never forget a face
Don’t go plastic on me
Nothing’s set in stone
You're not dipped in gold
Dipped in gold
You can’t breathe if you’re dipped in gold
You are not on paper
You are not a copy" ~Frank Ocean

I never forgot about you despite how destructive our relationship was and now I stare in mirrors. Looking for lost memories.
Your reflection is so cold..
So cold.
The Caribbean Cruise liner notes and champagne smiles, expenses were ropes in this lynched love..
I never forget a face..
Beautiful, smooth skin like an Italian girl with a Spanish attitude, but radiance of the girls of The Gold Coast.
We waited on Sands swallowing us in waiting in the Sun for the ships to set
But you let go of my hands.
My Golden girl
But what is Gold when the golden is just gold plated..?

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