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Dec 20, 2014

Fear and Loathing In The Industry

2 Years Later in this Industry, I've made my foot in the door after having it smash a few times. The only other shitty part of this ever-so amazing job I was given was that they only see you as an 'opportunity' rather than see you as a Person/Human being.
I've had my taste of what type of people are in this industry. You have the people who want to whole-heartedly help you and make you successful, you have the people who still think it's back in the old school days of drug dealing - competitive, unstable, irrational, aggressive in their method of vending, then, you have the people who are in this for the money, strictly for the Recreational side, corporate money makers.

Dealing with all these people: the good, the sneaky, the bad, the dangerous, the money schemers - yeah, this Industry is just like any other industry. My issue is with those who are trying to make a monopoly from Recreational Cannabis.  People in this industry need to be treated like people, not a walking Dollar but like patients, consumers and old time friends.
Sex sells, especially with Weed, but sadly enough, a lot of the women in this industry on both spectrums are objectifying themselves, using themselves just for promotion of a product. It's sad that it's still like that, not just in this industry but in businesses everywhere.

Now, not only are Medical Centers being closed down and pushed out of Tacoma and Seattle but the Washington State Liquor Control Board wants to practically eliminate medical. This isn't fair, this world is not balanced enough. There needs to be Sentinels to keep the balance,  the right to agree to disagree with one another but allow eachother to co-exist. Without this, we are doomed as society.

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