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Nov 7, 2014

Full Circle

I've decided that I should post more of my poetry and writings. I haven't actually put effort into writing something in a long time. If that doesn't hint to you how much I've been writing lately, then I will make it easier for you to compare: My writings have been more complaints and self regret than beautiful, appealing poetry.

7 years ago. Time just seems to shift so fast. It's been about 7 long years since I last even thought of poetry. I started writing for the purpose of getting my feelings out in artistic form. That transitioned over time into an ineffective remedy to my anxiety. I began feeling impulsive, my rants became different and further vague than the topics I wqs concerned with. After a few years of such, I've come back to wanting to write better poetry.. I call it a Full Circle.

Despite the situation I'm in, I need away to express my emotions the best I can.

Welcome to the Full Circle.

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