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Oct 19, 2014

Our Real Issue As Humans

The issue with humanity, as it appears to me:

1.  We argue too much with one another over who's religion is right, who's God is the real 'God'.

2.  Racism is still an underlying problem in society.

3.  There seems to be almost a repeat in societal issues regarding other human's worth associated with their financial statue.

4.  We favor the ignorant rather than the intelligent.

5.  There are still humans that believe in controlling others to their will.

6.  Exploitation of Women for profit.

To start from the top down,

1.  If we could just accept that the only real way we even know we exist is through other human interaction and confirmation rather than basing our existence on whose book is right, we would have a better society.  Spirituality is important, and the worst part of this epoch is that our so called 'religions' have done nothing but break us apart from another.

2.  It still makes me wonder why we haven't all realized that we're all Human beings regardless of Race, Creed or color.  There's still too many racist parties passing down old generational racism that only existed because of ignorance and fear.  The abolition of these parties will free the people of the plagued, old, broken societal grievances.

3.  All it takes to make or break someone in these times is to remove or give another person money.  We have forgotten the old-fashioned Bartering system that benefit people without the need for a piece of paper controlled by an organization that claims to be 'for the people'.

4.  This is pretty blatantly obvious and it speaks for it's self.  The best example is Justin Bieber.  We all rewarded him with attention despite his rude antics to his fans.  In the end, he received the attention of the News when we could have used the News to focus on real issues in our country.

5.  This is in regards to the 'Illuminati' or the organizations that believe in coddling the masses.  As much as I do not believe in the elimination of another life form, this is an exception.  Any people that believe in controlling and brainwashing a mass group of people for their benefit and profit should be held in captivity until their demise or otherwise insanity.

6.  For all the people out there that are continually using Women in promiscuous clothing to promote your product, you are what is giving the meaning to the issue of 'Gender Inequality' and 'Women Exploitation'.  I wish that these people be charged with a fine for their own personal profiteering.

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