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Aug 7, 2014

Interesting take on Life and Death, Sanity and Insanity

So I was reading an article about the death of Capital Steez or Jamal Dewar - and in the forums, some people were trying to claim that he was a schizophrenic because of his use of Marijuana and Mushrooms and that ultimately lead to his suicide. One person by the name of Shang Tsung, said this:

"It’s quite simple to me.
He simply at one point during his cannabis/mushroom use became self-realized to a certain extent. It isn’t that uncommon, people just have a hard time determining what it is, I think.
Basically at one point in you opening up your awareness with a chemical substance like that, you realize that you are a soul that occupies your human form, that the death of the human form is not the death of “you”.
People only think he’s insane because honestly society is insane, so I wonder what the opposite of our current society would be.
He realized he is a soul/energy being, only in america would someone be labeled insane for that.
As for some of his other theories containing doomsday prophecies and “karma”/ego ranting just sounds like new age misinformation, which it is easier for the spiritually eager to fall victim to its hive mind.
I find it kind of sad that in older times we payed better attention to each other, but now as technology improves it only seems to be broadening the gap between people and making their bond more artificial.
“Mental health” is on the steady decline it seems, but so are our interpersonal relationships. We’re growing farther apart from each other, making us “sicker”.
You wouldn’t believe how twisted a person can become, simply from neglect."

I felt like sharing this because it's important to keep an open mind in life with everything we do. People aren't insane for their recognition of existence and that of what we are as souls in our human forms. Sometimes I think this is what separates our society from being one with eachother.

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