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Aug 13, 2014

Ferguson, MO - Cops vs Anonymous & Michael Brown and Unarmed Civilians

As I'm sure many of you have possibly heard about the 18 year old boy that was shot down in cold blood and left in the street by Police, in Ferguson, Missouri. If you haven't heard about it, here's what should bring you up to speed.

- Police officers shot an 18 year old, 7 times, including a few to the head.

- Victim was unarmed and from a few witness accounts, he never 'attacked' the Police Officer who slain the boy.

- Riots in Ferguson apparently happened a few days ago at a Gas Station/Corner Store in which people are saying 'Police caused the riot' and were 'blocking off a few sections of the store while leaving other parts unattended, letting people loot parts of the store'.

- Infowars.com did a live Stream for the civil protest demonstration that occurred this afternoon and resulted in more Police Brutality borderline Police 'Terrorism' as they brought 80+ Officers and SWAT team members - let's also mention that they didn't have any badges on and that they were pointing out Unarmed Civilians the felt were a threat with a red dot sight.

- Later on this evening, 8PM PST, after having forced the civil protesters a block and a half away from their original demonstration, after being told "your rights to demonstrate are now being denied", and made false claims that they weren't having a civil protest, the Police force had begun using their earpiercing siren. They then proceeded to fire off Tear Gas while flanking the protesters with Rubber Bullets.

This was all on a live stream, and happened all on camera. The police used excess force and Brutality towards the people of Ferguson.

Now here's the best part.

Anonymous has decided to do the vigilante work on this case. Stated in a release the following:

" If you abuse, harass - or harm in any way the protesters in Ferguson we will take every web based asset of your departments and governments off line. That is not a threat, it is a promise."

With that being said, and with what followed tonight, they released just that. They leaked the audio tapes.

Whatever happens next is all on the police of Ferguson.

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