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Jul 24, 2014


All I ever hear is the negativity, it builds up inside like a ball of Energy
A spherical orb full of my irrationalities, so tired of all the same insanity.
I always have been the one to put my foot forth, stand on my mountain and look North, I can lead my own armies to the hellish gates of Mordor.
Look like a freak, of nature when I speak,
Every result of the the way has been a setback in my day and I still can't figure out how to pray and what to.
I try to put myself out there and make myself known well, but all I end up being is a sick case of 'show and tell'.
I'm tired of pleasing people that try to flirt with me, or atleast that's what it seems, when I'm low down, and breaking at all the beams. I'm sick of trying.


  1. Beautifully expressed

  2. +1 don't let go of /anything/, accept it and move on.