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Jul 21, 2014


I see your face as I cross you on the freeway/
my heart is skipping pace, you're just trying to home to the same place/
Meanwhile, I was at home sitting all alone waiting for you to pick up your phone/
I couldn't help it that my anxiety got the best of me/
When it comes down to you making me smile; you have the recipe
I made a date to take you to a movie but I didn't realize I was still just a friend

//I made a fool of myself, always trying to hit on you/ I didn't realize I fell in love with you/
Where can I get another you?  I know you're sick and through, fed up with all the men who mistreated you/
Why don't you see me like you see him?/ I didn't know the "bad boys" made better "men"//

Where do I start? I don't want to stop my part, but I have to keep you near me some way around/
Why do the nice guys finish last?  Am I just an object of the past?  A friend-zoner loner who tries to be a happy stoner/
I made myself a part of your little family/ I'll always love those kids/ No matter whatever happens, I want them to be successful where they live/  I just don't want to be a past entity, one that gets forgotten about on the shelves/ I wish my time was seen as wealth

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