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Jul 2, 2014

JUNE 8th I-502 RECREATIONAL Marijuana Dispensaries will bring Unexpected 'Surprises'

As most of you probably know, Marijuana 'legalization' is in the process in Washington state as opposed to Colorado, but, starting June 8th, Rainier Wellness Center, a Collective liked by the State, in Tacoma, Washington, is going to be opening for Re-opening for Recreational Marijuana. What people don't know:

- All Concentrates (Hash, Bho, Wax, Shatter, Vape oil, cannabis oil)
- All Edibles (Brownies infused with Cannabis, Peanut Butter, Cannabis Olive Oil, Fish Crackers, Pastries, Cocoa Mix, Cookies, Drinks, etc) infused with Cannabis

Won't be on the shelves. That's right. Because the State hasn't looked at Concentrates and Edibles, they won't be available for Recreational users for atleast a few MONTHS.

So if you are looking to get yourself anything besides Dry Bud, you're SoL

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