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May 21, 2014

The Lost Generation of America

They told us, "you are the generation that can make a difference for tomorrow", but what they didn't say was 'how'.

I was born in the '90's - Summer Time.  I'm not even old, but yet I feel old.  The feeling of not liking the society that you're among.  The odd part about all of this is how ugly the undertone of our politics really is. The other peculiar thing I've noticed is what one person thinks is 'right', can be 'wrong' to another.  Thus explaining the layman's terms for what is human disagreement.

Among other things, this generation doesn't seem to understand that there can be a disagreement without a conflict.

Drugs, Sex, Violence, Abuse, Sado Masochistic couples who get together to share other couples with each other like a tier system.  Often times these things are linked together, but not always in full sequence.  I see the threshold of existence when I see our advancements in society to accept things in nature, but yet we still have people dying over synthetic, covalently bonded in make shift labs and sometimes corporations.

Population control? No.  The masses have been dying due to misinformation and miscommunication from people we let control our every move. We were bonded by numeric chains, not just physically.  Given numbers by the government to distinguish ourselves but, it came with a catch.  Our bank accounts being inflated, the insurance companies and debt companies enjoy finding something to tax onto your account.

Pills are looked at as better for you than natural remedies.  The one thing that still catches me off guard. We still let this all occur.

People dying from Chemotherapy because it's really more like mustard gas.

This is our lost generation.  The generation of people who are confused with so much folklore and war to the point of not knowing what to do about it.

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