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May 7, 2014


"I feel invisible. I don't feel like anything I do for anyone is enough. I'm always the guy who is just there. That's all I ever amounted to in high school, that's all I feel like I amount to now. I'm tired of telling people my age, my name, my life - just to get told how "young" I am, or immature, or even making friends. I feel like I am just good for nothing but my necessities. And it makes me cry inside like an open wound sprayed with lemon juice then rubbed with salt."

It's true sometimes. I don't ever feel good enough for the women I meet. Jealousy tries to come over me. I sometimes feel like crying.
It's true. I almost feel like I don't want to introduce myself anymore to people because of all the judgement.

I hate being told by some female older than me "you're a lot younger than me" I don't give 2 fucks, I have been through my own share of mental issues all I want to be seen as is an equal.

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