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May 16, 2014

A Miracle at a Transit Station

I had a pretty awesome thing happen to me.

I had accidentally dropped my wallet on one of the city busses. I got it back after I called the Transit. It had my social security card and my ID along with $20.00 cash. I was frantic.

I was so happy that I got it back - With everything still in my wallet. I thanked the bus driver and went on the bus and said "faith restored in Tacoma!" - I know it was silly to say, but it made the other people on the bus smile. It's those blessed moments where I feel like sharing the humor and somewhat harsh reality of my life that magically works out for me.

  Perspective thinking with a little bit of Optimism goes a long way. I'm slowly figuring this out.


  1. Beautiful! Cool that you announced it on the bus!

  2. Good stuff bro. Keep your social security card at home from now on.