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Apr 21, 2014

"Putin* on the Ritz" - An encounter with a Ukrainian woman in a Dispensary

As many of you that are reading this probably have kept up on the whole situation with Vladamir Putin and the Ukraine.  If you haven't, I suggest that you read this article.  I walked into this Medical Dispensary tonight looking for something along the budget of ten dollars.  One of the first choices she picked out was something called the "Putin Kush".  I chuckled a little inside because I knew that the place was ran by Russian, Armenian, Europeans and I felt that the name, of course, was ironic. She opened the lid to the jar of the sour-citrus smelling weed that I was almost temped to buy, just because of its discounted price.  I said, "Ah, Putin Kush, Vladimir Putin - the man with menacing grin." and she responded, "yes, it smells."  We both laughed, but I couldn't help but notice her accent.  That was when I had asked her, "Are you for Putin and the whole thing in Crimea?"  She replied, "Not at all.  I'm Ukrainian; I just don't want them to go to war."  That's when I plundered a little bit more for the question I had been dying to answer, "So, as an American, our news gets rather.. 'filtered' to say the least, and now that I am speaking to someone who is from the actual country in Europe - what is the whole background story behind the Crimea Crisis?"  She was very kind, enough to talk about it and simplify it within a single conversation.  "Basically, Putin wants to have the Ukraine as a part of Russia."  I stood there thinking to myself "Why?  What was the purpose?"  That's when I had finished making my donation and went home. It just goes to show that you can meet people you never expected in the most omnibus places.

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