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Nov 9, 2013

The misunderstanding about Marijuana and Depersonalization/De-realization

De-Personalization: a state in which one's thoughts and feelings seem unreal or not to belong to oneself, or in which one loses all sense of identity
De-Realization: a feeling that one's surroundings are not real, esp. as a symptom of mental disturbance.

These are two things that I've been obsessing over for a while, probably since I had a bad hallucination from that Salvia, but anyways, to put things in perspective:

De-Personalization disorder falls along the lines of not recognizing one's self in the mirror.  Where De-Realization disorder is more like feeling non-real.

Both of these, DP(Depersonalization) and DR(De realization) are both common things that can occur from hallucinogens.. some people claimed that Marijuana can cause it, but that's not true.

See, the sensation one feels off of Marijuana is more of a heady feeling, like they can think about things in their head, and get lost in their thoughts while able to do other things.  Marijuana can cause Paranoia, but, nothing long term.  If someone was doing PCP or Acid or LSD - those cause long-term damage to the person.  They can also trigger DP or DR.

Just because someone thinks of their life like a movie doesn't mean you have DP or DR.  Even if you did - if you're reading this and navigating to and fro web pages, I'm sure you're fine.

I wrote this for a little self assurance.

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