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Apr 6, 2013

Handle Bars (I Just Wanna Ride My Bike) - to the song "Slater" - by Tyler The Creator

[Frank Ocean]: I, just, wanna, ride... my bike

Slater, Slater, Slater x2 

My girl's on my handlebars, hair blowin' in the wind


I, just, wanna, ride.. my bike 
Not trying to think about all the excess
People wonder why I spark up; 
Just to relieve my stress 
Can you blame me? My mind is a fucking mess 
Little obsessions: Am I going to progress? 
Am I making a good impression? or do I really exist?
Depression hitting me like a train - a one way express
And I swear, I just wanna ride my bike, with you on my handlebars
We can ride off into the night and watch the shooting stars

Is it too much to ask what you think of me? Or am I just left in mystery?
Shroaded in darkness like sunglasses sitting on my face,
Raindrops on my windows like tears were in a race. 
Just trying to maintain like everyone else 


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