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Mar 17, 2013

Candles In The Sun

What do you think my brain was made for, is it just a container for the mind? 
I close my eyes and spin in warmth and heartache.
Missing you is like a crime.  I'm convicted of all accounts.
Just the thought that amounts when I think of you, cold sweats, shakes, I can feel you even though you're not here.  
I know you, eventhough we haven't met. My cold sweat, and shakes when I fall asleep and dream of you.  
Waking up like my dreamcatcher caught an Angel and kissed me on the cheek as a tear slides down my face.  
I reach for the phone, just to check and see if you sent me a message

Since our distance seemed so far, many times before, I felt like throwing my wishes out to sea like a bottle of essence corked with a touch of me.  

How only time can tell,
how only time can tell,
that was everything I thought about now things are looking well,
and that trip I talk about is no longer a dream, but a goal 
Being candles in the sun.. 



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