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Jan 6, 2013

Capitol With 'C' - But It's Not An Insult - Poem by Alex Poulos

It was just the other day I spoke to you,
thought it was just another day, 
firing up a smoke - I knew you hated that, but I used the high to keep myself bounded down so my stomach pain wouldn't make a sound 
All what was on my mind was possibly making you smile through a digital blind, 
didn't matter the subject, I wanted you to know I was on my way ready to climb, 
But I made you sad, I regret that, I know you hate that, I know you hate that but know I would never make that, mistake of, fucking it all up because I felt like lighting it all up.

 We fought as friends and lovers alike, and yet here we are still talking to each other with x's and o's 
I swore on it all that I wouldn't chase any of the hoes, and I know you know I could 
but here I am on a lonely night just thinking of daytime, me and you in the light, hand in hand - but it was all just a sight from the back of my mind, me and you intertwined like courtyard vines, but here we are, continents away and I don't know if you'll ever want me anyway...

I know I have bad habits and I can imagine you sitting there whenever we fight saying something like "I'm just done with this, alright? I'm going out tonight, find me a friendly spot and a spiked sprite then, back home to study for the night." and then I think "what did I do to you now? I fucked up again, how?" and later on I see it like "Oh, wow.." - and my actions left me speechless.  

My dreams are comin' back like I wish I was there, now 
and you wouldn't believe how many times I see you pass me by and you look back at me uncomfortably as I stare you up and down 
Then you recognize me again and just before you kiss my lips I wake up in a daze 
Confused in the haze of love and it's craze, I sink back to my pillow and look at my phone for a small page 

And for a second I hallucinate and think you're laying next to me, I don't even care if you sex'ed me I just want to you to wake up to me and tell me you love me.  I've never been the type to chase the cat and and leave, it's never been my style and please - excuse my terminology, it's just to bring an effect so that creatively it fits together like a Beethoven Symphony.

I don't know if you'll ever read this or ever see it, but this is my 10 cents take it or leave it 
My feelings are out and there's no reason to hide, you know what I feel like inside, I'll always love you even if you never want me a side, as long as I know you're happy, tears will come to my eyes, it's a Forrest Gump love story except more modern and a little more vibe. 

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