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Dec 29, 2012

Untitled Random Thoughts and Poetry by me

Time keeps moving too fast, little boy Alex wanting to make a dent in the past.

Alex wanted to buy
his friend a birthday gift
but has been too broke to
pay for it.. 

I know you're reading this, I want to apologize 
that even after 3 years I've still not progressed
forth enough yet to buy my way - Jet, to your place, 
I bet, waiting is getting exhausting and too long, maybe I'm
never finished, just a work in progress, an unscripted sentence,
a play written but not performed, a novel burned before publication

Who knows anymore

Maybe this is a Forrest Gump love story. 
He never got Jenny, but he loved her and as long as she was in his life 
no matter what way, in some form, he was happy for her.  Maybe that's what I am, this friendship, romance, nomance, slow dance or even once in a light of the  
 I'm Forrest Gump, and you're my Jenny. :)


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