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Dec 21, 2012

For Those Of You Out There Looking For A Good Alternative to #Instagram - Via.me is Your New Friend

So ever since the fiasco with Instagram and them pulling that smooth trick trying to sell our photos for money, I've found a good alternative to Instagram.  It's never going to take Instagram's place (because I secretly loved Instagram) - but it will make up for what happened - it's called Via.me.

Here's a snippet from a few articles about Via.me explaining what it is more:


Previously available only on the iPhone, Via.Me today makes its way onto the Android platform. While it may seem like just another silly social network joining an already jostling crowd, Via.Me's strongest selling point is the ease with which you can use it to post pictures, videos, and even audio clips to Facebook and Twitter, all from a single interface.

Firstly, mobile phones with cameras have stepped into our lives. Then, technological evolution introduced smartphones and social networks to us. Now, we have the chance to combine them all. Especially after Instagram’s massive success, number of social networks that based on photography and smartphones have increased. People who want capture and share the moment choose this new way. Via.Me is a product of this increasing popularity and demand.

(This Photo is from the Android version)

Via.me can be downloaded free from Google Play Store, the iOS Market and from Web. After the installation or signing up is finished and the application has started, the landing page gives you different options for signing up. You can sign up via your Facebook or Twitter account but there are no other options. This is one of the defects of application. Almost all smartphone users have at least a Facebook or a Twitter account but there is still someone around the world who uses a smartphone and does not have a Facebook or Twitter. Like its role model Instagram, Via.me should have its unique sign up database. After, the completion of signing up, app takes you to ‘Find Friends’ screen. From this screen, you can find your Facebook and Twitter friends who is a member of Via.me or you can start following the suggested users.

(This is a photo of what it looks like on the iPhone)

When you are done with picking up people to follow, you are navigated to home screen for uploading a photo. In addition to uploading a photo via your phone, you can also upload photos via web. The upload process is process is pretty much the same but there is a significant difference which can take Via.me to a different place from its rivals: Video sharing. You can upload and share your videos too on Via.me. However, video uploading process needs a lot of improvment. First of all, you don’t have the chance to edit video, even in a simple way. Also, the application shuts itself down during the upload. Like Instagram, Via.me offers many different filters to user for editing the photo. But instead of using the original names of effects, Via.me named every filter after a major city from all around the world like Athens, Istanbul, New York, London, Paris, etc. After the selection of photo and filter is completed, you can add a caption to the photo and decide if you like to post your photo Facebook and Twitter. Existing status of sharing can be changed easily in two seconds. The design of the caption screen reminds the tweet interface of iOS. You can also reach directly to caption screen by clicking the compose icon on the right top of screen.The user experience of the application is not different from Instagram at all. Interface, design, basic features are very similiar. But, the application needs to run faster and crash less. In addition to this, it will take some time for users to get used to Via.me, after becoming so familiar with Instagram. Also the social network needs to become more populated. Because you cannot throw a party by yourself, you need your friends and others to have some fun in the social network. Via.me is a user friendly social network and application, it also has some witty ideas however it needs to perform something different for catching up with Instagram.

via greatappsreview.com


To get started, first sign into Via.Me using your Facebook or Twitter account. From there, it will connect you to your friends who are also on Via.Me. Then, just as on Facebook or Twitter, you can scroll through their updates in your Via.Me feed.



via reviews.cnet.com


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