Oct 2, 2012

The Patriot of Disinfo - th3j35t3r making false claims of taking down The Pirate Bay

Earlier this evening - According to multiple posts in some sleuth of disparity, th3j35t3r! makes a claim that he took down the one and only, almighty "Pirate Bay".se - site and makes claims that he was taking it down due to possible "distribution of Jihad manuals"...

Now I know what you're thinking "what makes you say he didn't take it down?" - here's what makes me say he didn't take the almight Piratebay down

Seems like our friendly neighborhood Court Jester is having a tough time claiming his "Tango Down's" these days more than before, probably because people didn't question his authenticity until the last 2 years and not only that but he loves to block people that doubt him - Just for the sake of everyone still following 'th3j35t3r' - he also claims that his dox is in the background picture of his profile.

I have nothing much more to say about this clown.  He doesn't deserve any recognition for his "work".  


By the way MACH, I'M NOT BEING USED, I HAVE A FREE WILL, ONE THAT TOLD ME TH3J35T3R IS A FUCKING FRAUDULENT, SELFISH, POS THAT DOESN'T LIKE WHEN PEOPLE QUESTION HIM, AND DOESN'T STAND UP FOR HIS FRIENDS WHEN THEY NEEDED HIM.">Just to end this off - The worst enemy a person can aquire, is the enemy he once considered a friend. ~ th3j35t3r


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