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Oct 4, 2012

"The Colosseum" (@Sanguinarious, @AsherahResearch take on The Jester's Cheer-Squad)

I Don't usually tweet or post about hacker drama - "E-Drama" or anything related, but the last few days have been one hell of a ride for my Twitter Timeline.

So to sum things up before you go on to clicking and reading the story yourself, @Sanguinarious and @AsherahResearch have been taking some heat lately with @Th3J35T3R's squad of cheerleaders online.  The most recent spanning about a good 2-3 days now and including much history and a bit of background as to what was "Backtrace Security" and the divide between it and it's members.  To elaborate, let me explain a few things I've gathered from the timeline.


@Sanguinarious was originally pinned as a part of the list of people Backtrace Security was after, but proven to be of use, and actually falsely accused of being a "part of Anonymous" - Sanguine was more of an asset and decided to use his knowledge (I don't know what to really credit without the list being completed or possibly false).  During that time Asherah and Sanguine became more of use to each other over the course of a year than Asherah's former partner (and claimed to be ex-mil, but more seen as newly found crackhead) Hubris (@backtracesec) - Asherah and Hubris had an altercation which led to the split (seen here: http://chirpstory.com/li/5600

Fastforward, after a long time coming of Debunking Th3J35t3r's attacks as being fake, and stealing credit for other's take downs, we have this battle, similar to the Colosseum, This being only 1 of the many many altercations includiing th3j35t3r and his cheersquad, some include members of 2600 some include members of Reapersec (Reaper Security) - its all one big clusterfuck.

Click here to see the ChirpStory 


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