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Sep 10, 2012

The whole idea behind the #Android vs #iPhone battle

A lot of people like the iPhone because no matter if it's the iPhone 4S or iPhone 3 - each app works the same across the board, with Android it's different because each Android phone is made differently so therefore, some apps work better on certain phones than others. Ultimately its really up to the User's interests and understanding of how the two phone OS's differ. One will work across all systems because each iPhone is made the same, where as not all Android phones are made the same, which provides more individuality to what people are looking for. Both are good, but people need to understand why the two can't be compared. Because not every app will work with every android phone due to the way the specific phone was built, where as the iPhone is built the same therefore can handle things that another iPhone can. Androids are more individual and can be fit to a persons needs, and are slightly more for people who understand the technical side of phones

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