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Jul 5, 2012

Sony To Possibly Make a "Super Slim" PS3

So according to Eurogamer and G4 from this article: http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/725619/playstation-3-due-for-new-design-based-on-sony-fcc-filing/

Sony maybe making an even slimmer PS3.

I quote the article:

"A newly discovered FCC filing from Sony suggests that the PlayStation 3 makeris preparing to release an entirely new console SKU, Eurogamer reports. There's little detail to be gleaned from the documents about what this actually means,though Eurogamer post its that the filing relates to a "superslim"PS3 model"

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DIDN'T READ THE PARAGRAPH ABOVE - here's a little summary for you:

TL;DR: Sony maybe redesigning a PS3 model to make it even slimmer than its "slim" models already. It's only a rumor at the moment, but if this is the case, expect it may have even more heating issues due to compacted space.

All in all - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: its nothing newer than what you already have in your current PS3 Slim or PS3 80GB just more redesigning.

AlexOnVinyl out.

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