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Jul 24, 2012

A Poem I wrote called "White Pills" with voice transcription - ITS NOT ABOUT ADDICTION TO MEDICATION

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A Poem I wrote titled "White Pills" - ITS NOT ABOUT ADDICTION TO MEDICATION - its about depression


Miss, I may - Its just a day, ups and downs time to play, lefts and rights no time to stray, no time to stay.
No time to stay? Clear the way, headrooms, heartaches in bedrooms.  
White Circles artificial smirks and my head looms.  
Orange bottles, flush it out, take one down, emo-drought. 
Breathe slow - water glass, free throw, and just dissolve..

Here we go, patty cake, doesnt matter what the baker bakes, 
 8-3-4, just a break 
Worry free, no mistake.  

Paradise, the twist cap  
Edible Ivory, close the snap  
Melancholy cure only for a slow clap.  

Take my seat, when you're beat, then switch on repeat.

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