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Jun 8, 2012

Mod from Reddit "metaranha" warns about recent Spambots/users in /r/AskReddit spamming Child Porn [Read More]

Hi everybody,

I know you're all getting tired of the modposts, but I have a very important message for everyone in askreddit.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a person (I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that there's only one person sick enough in the world to do this) creating new accounts and spamming child pornography in links on askreddit.

To the users who have had the misfortune of clicking these links, I want to offer my sincerest apologies. It's not fair to you to be exposed to that, and it's not fucking funny.

If you happen to stumble onto one of these links anywhere on reddit, please notify the mods of the subreddit and the administrators, and just be aware that this is happening (i.e. be extra careful when clicking links in askreddit.)

Thanks again everyone who has been letting us know and for your patience. Once again, i'm sorry for the excessive modposts.

EDIT: Also for full disclosure, we're all going completely on the honors system with this. If you see it, tell us. We're going to be shooting first and asking questions later on these kinds of links.

We know that there's a problem because enough different people have let us know about it, but none of us are actually clicking these links to verify that it's CP. So please just continue to be honest with us about it. I'm sure you all can understand why we wouldn't want to make sure someone isn't lying about this kind of thing. </p></blockquote>

So in other words, be careful what you click on when visiting /r/AskReddit

Posted via email from We're All A Bit Insane Here

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