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Jun 10, 2012

Interesting read on Reddit. A man describes his experience in a coma.

The question asked was as followed

"Has any of you ever been in a coma, Reddit? What was it like?"

By the user named "Critikill81"

In which another user named "JewMoneyBags" replied with his/her experience (sic):

"I spent 2 months in a coma after recieving chemo. During that time I was never aware I was in a coma, but i was having dreams which i can still remember. Not only that but my dreams were being influenced by apparently what was around me. I had a dream i was on a Pirate Ship (wtf) where i was lying down on a table enjoying some sort of celebration. Lots of people were there, including my mums friends, family members and some randoms. At one stage i tried to get up to get more drinks but i was unable to move (because in real life my legs hadnt been used in months). After i came out of the coma i was told that because it was my 18th bday while i was under, they had a party in my honor in my ICU room. There were a few other instances of bizarre dreams being influenced by what was going on around me, and because i wan under for so long my body was to weak to do anything. Drinking water was a hazard because if it went down the wrong way my chest wouldnt be strong enough to cough the water out. I also had a number of breathing tubes, IV lines and PIC lines. Getting the breathing tube out felt like a had dropped the biggest load ever, out of my mouth.
*During my 2 years spent in hosp, i went through almost everything you can. IF anyone has questions please ask. TL;DR Yes you dream. Waking up sucks. Cancer sucks.

EDIT: Heading home from work now, ill reply to allyour shit when i get home. Also Thanks for the support"

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