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May 28, 2012

The Truth Behind @FunkVolume's Manager "Dame", why I got off the @Hopsin train, @TheJokerr & his Baww Rants

Sorry folks, I mean, it just seems like Hopsin is a joke now.  He was good until he let the fame get to his head - Don't get me wrong, his album "RAW" was exactly that - Raw - it was good.  But ever since recently, I've began to see a change in him since he's become more noticed - plus his manager/CEO of his label "Dame" is a punk who used Hopsin's fame to sign SwizZz (which is Dame's little brother) to Hopsin's label. 

I apologize to any of you who take offense to this - but in reality, I'm just putting out my perspective and why I feel like Hopsin went from original to "egotistical" in the matter of a year.

I originally had huge respect for the guy, as a person and artistically - but since the release of "Hop Madness" and the fueds he's had with The Jokerr - see below - Dame, Hopsin's "CEO" is using Hopsin's fame for his own agenda.

Funk Volume beef with The Jokerr:

  1. Here's the first Starting Post of his "Baww Rant" by The Jokerr https://www.facebook.com/jokerrfb/posts/216850541747159
  2. More recent: https://www.facebook.com/jokerrfb/posts/421150917917699
  3. Even More so: https://www.facebook.com/jokerrfb/posts/421198107912980

Basically - To Sum up the beef between The Jokerr & Funk Volume

  • Jokerr enters Funk Volume Contest with this
  • FV CEO Dame doesn't choose Jokerr and instead chooses this guy
  • Jokerr gets butthurt
  • Jokerr helps Hopsin with music video for "Hop Madness" as well as makes Cameo but only to find out his part got "edited out"
  • Jokerr crys and bitches some more (just literally go here and look all the way through March, April and now May)
  • Hopsin apologizes to Jokerr
  • Jokerr accepts but keeps bawwing (dont even need to post a link, just go to his FB)
  • Present day: still mad. Disses Tech N9ne, loses fans, gets mad some moar

So, TL;DR 

  1. Hopsin has talent but instead of using it, he's letting fame get to his head and his CEO Dame use it to boost his little brother
  2. Jokerr is a confused white boy who's afraid to be called white
  3. Jokerr cant take criticism and is jelly of Tech N9ne
  4. Dame continues to fuck Hopsin in the anus for fame with SwizZz's "popularity"


That's all folks 

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