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May 20, 2012

My Breakdown of the Symbolism in @KrizzKaliko's "Hello Walls" Music Video [click to read]

So with the success of Krizz Kaliko's new album "Kickin' and Screamin'", one of the many songs on the album that really stuck out was the song "Hello Walls".  For me the music video stuck out the most because of the symbolism in it that I found.

The following is just my interpretation of the music video's symbolism, you can agree, disagree or even make your own - do whatever you want, this is just my breakdown of it.

In the first 0:17 seconds of the music video, we see Krizz talking through what looks like an old Radio while looking through a mirror-less mirror frame.  Shown below: 


From there up around the 0:27 second mark to 0:35, you'll notice him tuning the old radio as if it wasn't working or was getting static more than sound - and then he finally gives up trying to tune it so he can communicate through it and further throughout the video you see him trying to fix it.  


A few things that caught my eye that can be seen as symbols - 

  1. The radio
  2. The Mirror-less mirror, just the plain wooden frame
  3. The Microphone and how it stops working

 - The radio and microphone and Krizz trying to adjust it symbolizes "Struggle" - whether this be his struggle in life as being seen as an outcast to other people or his struggle to be heard when he needs to be heard the most.  The more he tweaks the radio, the more it seems like he's trying to focus on "fixing" or "adjusting" to the issues he's facing with his past and present.  

- The Mirror-less Mirror and Wooden Frame - sticks out to me as a sort of feeling of "shame" or "embarassment" or even "disgrace" as he's afraid to look at what he feels are his flaws, perhaps both Mentally and Physically.  

- The Microphone stops working - He feels like no one else is really getting what he's saying through regular conversation or his music - and maybe he has a hard time trying to explain it the way he wants to.

Continuing on with the music video:

Tech N9ne's appearance in the video at 1:13


As you can notice that the bed sheets, pillow casing and everything that Tech N9ne is wearing is all Black, you also can see the pill bottle on his chest.

Before I go any further - Tech N9ne's appearance in the song and video - to me - seems like he's playing the other part of Krizz's depression, maybe a darker side of him and his thoughts of suicide by overdosing on the medication or other more violent ways of death. 

- The Pill Bottle - Between the context of the lyrics and how Tech N9ne explains it, its pretty self explanitory.

Then at the 2:09 mark - you'll notice Tech N9ne starts to sink into the bed as if it was swallowing him into darkness 

- The bed consuming Tech N9ne - another sign of Krizz's suicidal feelings.  That he feels he should "fade into darkness" and disappear.

Continuing on some more with the music video:

At the 2:19 mark you'll notice Krizz is trying to look at himself through the wooden frame

- Looking through the frame - trying to find himself, understand himself better as if he doesn't know who he is anymore at times.

Mark 2:25 - The collection of Candles

- The Candles - Possible representation of the light in his life as he's blowing them out one by one - could be symbolism that he's feeling like a lot of things aren't going the way he planned them to, or that he feels like a lot of his highlights in his life are being swept away by his depression.

2:29 - the color changing sequence 

- Different colors could represent the different moods and or mixed emotions he's feeling and parts aren't matching up or making sense to him.

2:56 - 3:07 - The Paper and Reaching towards the Frame

- The paper and his struggle figuring out what to write - Symbolism of him trying to explain things clearer than just through his music, but he struggles with getting it out.

- Reaching towards the frame - Trying to figure out why he cant understand himself.

3:23 - end

- Blowing out the candles - giving up on trying to explain things, or giving up in general, beginning to give up.


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