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Apr 23, 2012

Let's Convince EA and DICE That Making A Mirrors Edge 2 is a good idea - The Petition Site

Do you remember playing the game Mirror's Edge? That Unique experience of experiencing the thrill of Freerunning from building to building and running only to sprint and jump off of a wall onto a pipe five stories high about the city?

Wouldn't you want a second game? So did a lot of people, but it seems like according to EA (Electronic Arts) that [1] "Electronic Arts has confirmed that it has canned Mirror's Edge 2, stopping development of the project after early prototypes were deemed to be disappointing" and that the [2] "had met with 'disappointing sales"

What if we could change that? What if we could prove that there are still many people out there that want that thrilling experience from a sequel of that game? If all you needed was to sign a petition showing your support for it to possibly make a difference in EA and DICE's decisions of making sequels - would you?

Now's your chance! Let's try and get this to happen. Spread with your friends and other people you know who li... more

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