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Apr 24, 2012

Inside The Mind of An Obsessed Fan of "Fall Out Boy" and 'breaking free' of the unhealthy obsession

Many people once knew me to be completely obssessed with the band Fall Out Boy.  I was very obsessed with them, and they were right to think I was almost, what they call "off the deep end" with them.  

And one day, I finally realized how unhealthy the once good fondness for such a talented music group became a torturing nightmare of unhealthy obsessional behaviour.

In the end - I came out of this obsession, and moved on.  To those who knew me physically and in person, you'd wonder how it happened or if it were seriously true, to confirm your questions and unsolved conclusions, yes - I broke the obssession.

Some of you may not have gotten it, or understood it, which is why I'm writing this article to explain what it was like for me, and what it was like after tearing down what I based a lot of time and energy upon.

I guess the best way to explain the obsession I had with Fall Out Boy is like the way a sheltered, heavily-Christian child believes in 'God'.  The child build pillars and a whole tower of building blocks upon that belief of 'God' - and built part of themselves around that structure.  I had fears of if I liked another band more than them that I was being "disloyal" to them.  And mentally, this would punish myself because of the scared feeling of being "disloyal" - just as a highly, extremistly devout Christian is towards other religions.

What I did was similar, minus being sheltered and viewing them as 'Gods'.  I admired them as much more than just music artists - placing them upon such high stature, then one day, I took that the lower most building block and collapsed the whole tower like a bad game of Jenga - upon that, I rebuilt myself, restored myself back to being what 'I' wanted to be, not what I 'thought I wanted to be' and picked bits here and there of what was left of the collapsed tower and applied it to the Real, original Me.  I opened the gates to other musicians and got rid of my fears of being "disloyal" to Fall Out Boy for liking another band more than them.  Part of it was my OCD - another part of it was their music had been like a drug, a medicine for me during that point in my life, which is why I had made them so important.

So from that, I moved on, and I recommend to anyone else who has this same level of obsession with anything to the extent that it becomes unhealthy, to stop it before it gets to that point.  Take from this article as an example of what happens when putting someone or something on a higher than life pedastle. 


-- Now none of this means I don't still enjoy Fall Out Boy - I still play an album or so and just let the whole thing play one after another, because they're great to listen to :)  But I am also happily free to now enjoy other music the same way and feel strong appreciation for all sorts of music and the musicians behind the music :)


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