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Mar 1, 2012

I'm no expert with Life, but maybe I can help you get through your day (if you skip reading the whole thing, atleast read the bottom half)

We've all been there.  The dumps, the part of life we don't like.  That horrible scene in a movie where the main character is busy kicking cans off the street sidewalk as he or she is walking in the rain to get away from their issues.  That part in a book where the protagonist is having a hard time with themselves besides the issues at hand with the antagonist.

I'm no doctor, no expert with this thing we all are a part of called 'life', I'm not even close to figuring out my own issues, but, if I can help you live another day in this mess without feeling like ripping your hair out and contemplating driving over a cliff in your parent's car, then, I'm doing something right.

As a person with depression issues and clinically diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I've had my share of shit shows where I had nowhere else to go but look in the mirror.  I wish I would've had more help from people that understood my exact situation.  Those days where you just feel like no matter how well they went, you still feel down and depressed.  Those days where you don't feel like getting up because you think it's not worth it.

Life is going to throw you in some ditches and you're going to have to climb out of them eventually.  I know what it feels like, you say to yourself "why even bother, I'm not going anywhere in life, people think I'm hopeless and a failure", but in reality, you're not a failure, not even the slightest. Don't let people tell you that just because you may not be getting the grades you wish you could get in school, or maybe you aren't getting the joy you want out of what you're doing already.  People often times let themselves believe that they are the "failure" other people have deemed them and with not knowing how to really deal with it turn to drugs, alcohol, abusive acts to themselves or other people - then you're really in a deeper hole than you ever were before.  
Think of it like the hole you're in at first as a little sandtrap on the green of a giant golf course, then after deciding to turn to drugs, alcohol and other things harmful, you're in more of a crater size hole.  That's the reality of it. Sure the drugs will take the pain and numb it for a little bit, but what happens when you come down?  What happens when the alcohol doesn't make you stupid-happy anymore or the thrill of cutting yourself doesn't calm your anxiousness?

I'll tell you what happens, you lose that happy, numb, dumb feeling of false happiness.  Artificial smiles come with a cost.  Every drug, every puff, every shot of vodka - they all come with a cost, even some pharmaceutical prescribed drugs that you take on an instructed basis have their ups and downs.  Some people will tell you "you don't need those pills the doctor gives you", but that's not true, what you don't need is the illicit drugs and alcohol - if the doctor gives you something, they've given it to you in the amount that they have given you because they have studied you and are giving you something for specifically you.  Often times abandoning medication is a bad thing - I guess the main point of me saying this is, prescribed medication is different than that of illicit drugs - not saying you need it if you aren't already on something, what I'm saying is don't abandon it - medication is often used to help you take the edge off of things and the other 50% is for you to help yourself.  

What I'm mainly trying to say is that, you don't need dependencies.  Being dependent on something unless its water or air can have adverse effects.  Even too much water can be a problem.  The point is, don't become dependent on any of these.  When you feel like shit and you feel like your day is just not getting any better, try taking a deep, lengthy breath in and then out, and try and clear your mind.  I know people say that all the time, but it really works - that's the best way to introduce yourself to that inner part of you that makes more rational decisions.  Take the time to really work through the problem you're having. if you find yourself second guessing yourself, saying anything negative you need to do it again, and try and think clearer.  The problem isn't that you're a failure just because of some bad grades, the problem is that you need something to get you motivated, a reason to get back to living your life happily and striving to be what you want to become in the future, whether it takes a few weeks or a few years.  Set goals, nothing too longterm, nothing too shortterm, something very reasonable for yourself.  Make a goal that you can obtain with a good amount of time, enough time to breathe and work at a comfortable pace.  The rest will come with proceeding to follow. 


Last thing: Don't ever think you're a failure or any less of a person than anyone else because of a few mistakes or hurdles you're having to do to get back on track.  Always ask for help, you're only going to get farther by addressing the issue with yourself and seeking help for that issue.  You're someone in this world, you don't need to be a doctor to be successful, you don't need to be some famous musician or millionaire to find happiness in your life. The media has made it seem like Money is Happiness, but in truth, money just buys temporary satisfaction.  It's friendship, love, family, passion that gets you happiness.  Enjoying the feeling of breathing and being a living thing on this planet, in this life, and having desires and dreams of going places.  Some people think dreaming is silly, but on the contrary, your dreams can be as real as you with a little work and determination.  

Don't ever stop dreaming, love your friends, love your life, the people who care about you, and most of all if you cant find yourself any of the previous, love yourself.. and never stop loving. 




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