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Feb 6, 2012

When Edison Put Down The Kite..

"I'm the kind of kid that can't let anything go, you wouldn't know a good thing if it came up and slit your throat.."

This song has been pretty much the anthem of the month or past 2 weeks.  I don't know really how else to explain what I feel like except for that line.  I've been having these moments lately where it just occurred to me how many people in my life that I used to have there for me have just up and left me in the dirt.  Between friendships, lovers and family - I'm not sure which one is worse. 

Last night was an eye opener for me, I need to stop counting on the Gmail notifications from my phone and start putting my faith into something that doesn't require anyone else's part but my own.  Maybe somewhere along the road my "love life(less)" will raise from the dirt grave and come back to hug me but at this point it lays like a corpse six feet deep.

Call me over-dramatic with my words, but they make more sense than searching and waiting for something that may never come.  I've already put my best foot forth and hiked up the steepest of trails, but no one was there to meet me.  So it's time to pack up the tent and sleeping bags and go home.. Maybe once I'm seldom with my presence people will notice... or maybe they won't, either way, I'm done flying kites in cloudy skies waiting for lightning to strike.  



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