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Feb 21, 2012

A Life in The Day Of Alex Poulos (the unwritten chapter) - memories of Junior high.

This is an unwritten chapter I never got the chance to proof read through and post, but with that being said - a piece of me from the earlier years as it reads:


To really start myself off, it's been a while since I last wrote something relative to my life, past or present.  I've had a hard time remembering some of what I locked away but here's to what I can remember and as fragmented as these posts might have been, maybe you can piece together parts of my life that come one after another.


-Relatively around the time of Junior high-

My years around Junior High were rather complicated.  The middle school I went to was rather strict on a lot of things that weren't really needed to be strict about, but truthfully, this was where I met some of my good friends and some of my enemies.  I was 13, in Seventh grade, people then called us all "Sevies" - a sort of pet name and abbreviation for Seventh Graders.  I remember that Summer, my Mom had just started buying me Abercrombie and Fitch clothing along with American Eagle jeans and what will you.  I had a good set of striped button ups, not flannel, just button ups, with buttons around the collars so you could button it down if it got too wild after ironing it.  I also remember getting a pair of Lugs, one of the nicest pair of boots I ever got.  Between the bus rides to the Junior High and all the early morning madness from the older kids who rode the long hour ride to the High School, it was all interesting.  Sadly enough, not many of those kids I knew in High School really had any set plans for their future - I often see them doing the same thing I am right now, looking for dead end jobs, trying to get their lives straight.  Most of them moved away, some stayed and went into something like the Army or Marines. 

I remember the first time I hopped on that bus, I was scared shitless... I remember going to the school in Summer to register for my classes for the following year, the emense amount of people used to make me nervous, but eventually, it seemed like nothing. People were so natural about how they acted - so I figured, what the hell, I was almost invisible.  They never did pay me much attention.  To them I was on the bottom of the food chain and my existance was nothing more than that of a fly on the wall.  My good friends at the time, Sergio, Nate (who was a year older than me), Eric (whom I got closer to as the years went along) - they were there with me for most of the time at the Junior High.  

My first day at the Junior High, I remember seeing Sergio on the bus, bright and early, 5 or 6AM, every morning was a new adventure in its own way.  There would always be some sort of interesting drama towards the afternoon between the older students and the bus driver - mind you that our bus driver was loonier than any cartoon character and often times, when the older kids gave her shit out of the blue by doing something ridiculous like having paper-ball wars in the back of the bus, she'd throw a fit.  And every once in a while you'd see one of the older kids get assigned to sit up in the front seat, but even then, it was hilarious.

There was so many times where the bus driver at the time, named "Marsha" would stop the bus abbruptly and pull off to the side of the road to walk to the back of the bus and say something random or accuse a student of doing something that another student did and to be honest, even as sorry as I felt, I couldn't help but laughing at the trouble caused.  I never took part in it, atleast not as a Seventh Grader, but it was hilarious seeing the kids who would purposely get in trouble just to give the bus driver shit.  

Often times enough, the ride to school wasn't nearly as funny as the ride back from school.  There were a few times where a few of the local stoner kids who wouldn't ever take showers or would but rather once a week, would take the back seats with the heaters, and then, purposely punish everyone who wanted the heater on by farting something horrible, like they were rotting from the inside, into the heater so it went all around the bus.  It was so juvenile, but hilarious to hear some of the other kids complain to the bus driver about it because they didn't know what else to do.  I just sat in my seat, and laughed with my nose tucked under my shirt. 


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